Keurig K200 vs K250 – Detail Comparison

In this article, we’re going to be comparing two almost-identical coffee brewers from Keurig: the K200 and K250. The two brewers share the exact same features. These include:
  • Large black and white touchscreens
  • 40-ounce water reservoirs
  • Compatibility with 10 different brew sizes. This includes K-mug and K-carafe pods
  • Strength control.
Plus they even look identical! This is exactly why shoppers have a hard time choosing between them. However, despite the high number of similarities, the K200 and K250 do have a couple of minor differences that set them apart. In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at all the important aspects of each coffee maker: features, performance, design, and ease of use. This should help you come to a decision on Keurig K200 vs K250. Keurig k200 vs k250

Notable Differences Between Keurig K250 vs Keurig K200

Keurig K250 Keurig K200
Brew Dimensions 9 9
Series/Model 2.0 2.0
Reservoir 40 oz removable 40 oz removable
Extra Accessories Descaling agent, 4 K-shaped sample cup pods, and 2 charcoal sieves One charcoal sieve
Strength Regulation Available Available
Display Dark and white touch-responsive Dark and white touch-friendly
Price View at Amazon View at Amazon
Cell content Cell content Cell content
Drip Tray Removable Removable

The Pros and Cons: Keurig K250 vs K200

Keurig K200 Review

The K200 is one of Keurig’s more compact coffee brewers. It’s got a 40-ounce water reservoir, which should give you about five or six cups of coffee.  So the K200 is perfect for smaller families. With 10 brewing sizes to choose from, you’ll be able to switch between making larger and small batches with great ease. K-carafe pods allow you to make up to four cups worth of coffee at once. Plus with strength control, you can switch between mild and strong brews in an instant! The machine is quite easy to use: There is an indicator to let you know when a water refill or tank maintenance is needed. With the large touchscreen, it’s easy to choose your brewing preferences. The K200 will even help you out by displaying simple instructions on the screen. The Auto Off feature is handy for energy saving. What it does is turn off the coffee maker automatically if you don’t use it for about 90 seconds. There are a couple of downsides to the K200 but the biggest one is that it takes longer than the K250 to brew a cup of coffee. That’s because you have to preheat the coffee maker before you brew coffee. The Pros
  • It comes with a removable drip tray
  • Auto Off feature
  • Strength control
  • Touchscreen
  • Compatible with all three k-pod sizes: K-cup, K-mug and K-carafe
  • It’s compact
The Cons
  • Takes more than a minute to produce coffee
  • Lacks temperature controls
  • Does not come with water filtration
  • No accessories are included

Keurig K250 Review

The Keurig K250 is the slightly improved version of the K200. The spec sheets of both coffee machines are pretty much identical. However, the K250 can actually brew a cup of coffee in under a minute, unlike the K200. Also, it comes with two water filters right out of the box. There’s also a price difference: the K250 is slightly more expensive than the K200. Check prices for it here. The Pros
  • It also comes with a removable drip tray
  • Auto Off feature
  • It has the same touch display as the K200
  • It’s just as compact as the K200
  • Comes with additional accessories
The Cons
  • No Temperature control
  • Slightly more expensive

Keurig 2.0 K200 vs K250: A Closer Look

Here’s a more detailed comparison of what each of these coffee brewers offers users:


Both the K200 and K250 sport the exact same design. So you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart just by looking at them. They both look sleek, contemporary and compact. The two coffee makers even have the exact same physical dimensions (15 x 9 x 13.7 inches) and they both weigh 7.5 pounds. Plus, they come in the same colour options. So appearance-wise, you’re bound to be happy with either.


There isn’t a single difference in terms of features between the two Keurig coffee makers. The exact same touchscreen, removable drip tray, Auto-Off feature and strength controls are present in both the Keurig K200 and K250. The touchscreen is monochrome, unlike the coloured types you get from the more expensive Keurigs. However, it’s still just as to navigate using this particular display. It also displays prompts to help you make your brewing choices.


Probably the biggest difference here is that the K250 is faster at brewing coffee. If you hate waiting longer than a minute to get your coffee, then the K250 is definitely the machine for you. On the other hand, the K200 takes more than a minute. This is because you have to heat it up first before it can start brewing. This problem doesn’t exist with the K250. The K200 is also noisier (according to customer reviews) and unlike the K250, it does not work with K-cup pods from other brands. This isn’t a problem if you can afford to use Keurig pods all the time. If you want to save some money by using cheaper brands, then K250 is the better choice.


The K250 comes with a few different accessories out of the box, which the K200 lacks. These include:
  • Two water filters
  • A water filter handle
  • A descaling solution
  • 4 sample K-cup pods.
The water filters are ‘charcoal activated’ and are much better at absorbing germs than the typical plastic mesh ones. But if you want one for your K200, you’re going to have to buy it separately. With the descaling solution, you can get rid of the mineral deposits that tend to build up on the insides of coffee makers after a period of use. Lastly, with the 4 included K-cup pods, you can start brewing coffee right away!

Ease of Use

The 40-ounce reservoirs of the K200 and K250 will let you go through five or more cups of coffee before you have to refill. In addition, with 10 brew sizes available to you, you’ll be able to accommodate both small and large parties at your home. You can either brew individual cups or a full-sized carafe. Selecting the brew strength is just a matter of giving a few taps on the touchscreen. You’ll be able to switch from drinking mild to strong coffee (and vice versa) with hardly any effort. You do have to pre-heat the K200, which makes the K250 slightly better when it comes to ease of use.


Cleaning is easy on both coffee makers, as per expert and customer reviews. Both the K200 and K250 have removable drip trays. That makes cleaning up spills rather convenient. However, there is a tiny downside here with the K250: the drain below the drip tray doesn’t remove all of the excess liquid. Hence, you’ll need to clean the K250 a bit more often. Both coffee makers need to be descaled regularly. This gets rid of any calcium deposits that might otherwise block the flow of water into the brewer. Fortunately, the K250 comes with descaling solution which should last you a while.

How Much Does Each Coffee Machine Cost?

You can check prices for each on Amazon. While you’re there, why not go through the customer reviews as well? They should help you get an even clearer picture of each brewer. The Keurig K200 starts off at $115 brand new while the K250 will cost you $149.

Our Verdict: Keurig 200 vs 250

Both the Keurig K200 and K250 are fine coffee makers. They make fine-tasting coffee and give you some flexibility with strength controls. While they don’t have some of the features that the most expensive models carry (Auto On, Hot Water on Demand, temperature controls…etc.), these two machines should definitely satisfy the average coffee drinker. If we had to pick just one of the brewers, we would have to go with the K250. Here are our main reasons for doing so:
  • You don’t have to pre-heat the K250 and therefore you can get your coffee faster
  • It comes with some great accessories right out of the box, which actually justifies its higher price.

Keurig K200 Vs K250: Which Brewer Is Right For You?

While the K250 is the better machine in our opinion, there’s absolutely no reason at all why you won’t be happy with a K200. Sure, it doesn’t come with the all the extras that you get with the K250, but you could just as easily buy them separately. Besides they don’t really have an impact on the performance of the brewers.

You Should Buy The K200 If:

  • You don’t want to shell out the extra cash to get the K250
  • You don’t really have a need for the accessories or at least don’t mind buying them on your own
  • You don’t mind waiting longer to get your cup of coffee

You Should Buy The K250 If:

  • You don’t mind paying extra
  • You’d really like to have all those accessories right out of the box
  • You love getting your coffee in less than sixty seconds
  • You don’t mind having to clean the brewer a couple of times a week.