Popular Brands of Kona Coffee that Are Generating Hype

Presently, it is the Kona coffee, which is generating an overwhelming market response

No doubt that you are already about the Blended, Iced, Light, Dark, Rob

But this coffee category is fast gaining an instant popularity with the consumers.

This automatically highlights the necessity of conducting a further study on this Kona Coffee category thoroughly.


Overview of the Kona Coffee

The Kona coffee is primarily cultivated in the biggest island of Hawaii, named Kona. The place comes with an ideal coffee-producing weather.

Moreover, it is also abundant with the charming greenish hills alongside the availability of the dark soil and pulpy grasses.

This island district receives uniform rainfall and sunshine which contributes towards a moderate climatic condition of the region.

The coffee producing farms are actually situated on the volcanic slopes of the Mauna Loa and Hualalai.

It is to be noted that the Kona coffee beans are actually grown in the fertile black soil that also comes with abundant minerals.


Why it is Vital?

You may have now noticed that this Hawaiian coffee has already started to draw the attention of the beverage consumers to a great extent in comparison to the other coffee categories.

This is mainly due to the enriched beans quality that is primarily produced in a suitable condition. These beans do offer a mesmerizing taste which is hard to be ignored.

Once you have sipped this Hawaii coffee, there is no need to spend money on the Starbucks brand at all.


Where to Purchase the Hawaiian Kona Coffee?

You will not be able to buy the Kona coffee beans from the outdoor stores. It is mainly due to its rarity and purity.

You do have the scope to avail it from the coffee retail shops alongside the agricultural market.

But you must detest from dealing with unknown sellers because that may result in deriving the wrong coffee at a much higher price.

Hence, it is better to utilize the online medium which is rapidly emerging as the best place to buy coffee of various types including that of the Kona.

It will enable you to obtain the desired coffee product within a fixed time period at a cheaper price.


Other Things to Understand

Selling blended Kona coffee is basically a general trend but that involves a shrewd mixture of the 90% Brazilian or Colombian extracts alongside the 10% Kona extracts.

The only way to overcome this problem is by having a thorough knowledge of the brands that actually import the Kona beans from the Hawaii straightaway.

Moreover, the local administration of this place always emphasis on the proper verification of every item that comes with the Kona coffee labeling.

But in other parts of the world, this is actually not done. As a result, customers are derived from the genuine coffee taste which is quite unfortunate.


Notable Hawaiian Coffee Brands of Kona Coffee – To Select the Ideal One 

The relevance of the Kona coffee has already been highlighted thoroughly.

But now it is the apt moment to have a thorough discussion on some of the brands that are involved in selling the Kona coffee.

Such an elaborate discussion will enable to pick up the coffee product of one’s own choice without much effort.

These are as follows:

  • 1. Hawaiian Coffee of Keala

The brand is mainly involved in supplying smooth coffee blends which end up in providing the essential refreshing feeling during the morning hours.

In brief, the coffee delivers a pleasant experience to your body which eventually generates an enthusiasm to become active and alert throughout the entire day.

The flavor of Kerala’s Hawaiian coffee brand is quite sweet and bright which is its main hallmark.

Besides, people who have already sipped this coffee has also felt the taste of coconut and other fruit ingredients.

The coffee of this brand is absolutely acid-free and therefore is quite ideal for the people who are pretty susceptible to gastric problems.

However, people like to sip strong coffee must not able to derive any sort of amusement from it.

The only worth-mentioning fact about this brand is the abundance of the 100% pure Kona coffee bean extracts.

It is mainly because the coffee is cultivated in the Holualoa slopes and is processed in the Seattle where the Kona extracts are not at all mixed with other sorts of beans.

To put it simply, the Kona coffee of Keala is nicely balanced and genuine which are enough to make your day jovial.


  • Good market price
  • Medium smooth blend
  • Obtained straightaway from the Hawaiian island


  • No acidity

Bottom Line

In case, you have not yet obtained the genuine coffee drinking pleasure then investing on the Hawaiian coffee will enable you to derive a lifetime experience.


  • 2. Volcanica Coffee

The name of this brand clearly suggests that these coffee beans are mainly grown in the volcanic terrain of the Hawaiian island.

However, the farmers now like to grow them at a height of 15,00 to 200 ft above the sea level. This eventually results in the enhanced oxygen supply to the plant.

The coffees of this brand are thoroughly protected under the tree cover which is actually an ideal way of producing organic coffee.

You will begin to experience the aroma of this coffee once opening up the cover seal. This Kona coffee brand comes with a creamy, rich, and properly rounded roast.

You do have the chance to add broth or milk to make the drink quite tastier. The Volcania Kona coffee brands do end up in offering a versatile feeling which is tough to be underestimated.


  • Mellow and smooth roast
  • Obtained in grounds and whole beans
  • An excess grade of fancy


  • Costly
  • Less acidity

Bottom Line

This type of coffee is an ideal specimen of perfection.

It will help you to derive the outstanding brewing taste of unique flavour.


  • 3. Koa Coffee

The product usually comprises of three major packs that mainly include Estate, Private Reserve, and Grande Domaine.

Although these packs come with the genuine beans of the Kona coffee but are cultivated in different parts to derive unique taste and aromatic appeal.

This coffee brand actually reflects the dedication and sincerity of the cultivators from start to the finish.

The moment of gulping this coffee, you will surely derive a smooth and rich appeal in every pack.

Although the brand mainly sells medium tri pack roast but can also provide you with the dark roast bag once receiving the request.


  • Pleasant quality
  • 3 distinct coffee bean bags
  • Award recipient brand


  • Expensive

Bottom Line

In case of having no problem to spend extra then the tripack of the Koa coffee will surely be your worthy investment.


  • 4. Royal Kona Estate Coffee

The Royal Kona coffee basically offers no scope of doubt and skepticism on its assessment when you sip the drink.

The brand mainly supplies coffee with a moderate roast which really generates a light taste to the tongue.

In addition to that, coffee also generates a refreshing feeling without any side-effects.

It helps you to retain a long-lasting nice taste even after gulping the drink a few hours back.

Many people have also noticed the availability of the fruity flavor which is actually correct.

The praiseworthy fact about this brand is that the task of roasting is only done by the distributors once they received your order.

Besides, they always deliver the ordered coffee bags in a fresh and stable condition within the fixed deadline.


  • Fresh pack shipping
  • Fruity and light notes
  • The absence of a bitter taste


  • Sometimes too light to be sipped.

Bottom Line

Are you fed up with the taste of stale and dry coffee beans?

Then buy a pack of the Kona Coffee Estate to acquire the genuine pleasure of tasting the product of a reputed brand.


  • 5. Peaberry Kona Coffee

It is another spectacular Kona coffee roast that is entirely based around a new type of extract called the peaberry.

This component extract is actually a scientific transformation of the coffee fruits which eventually lead to the formation of the oval beans.

This coffee also delivers a fruity, sharp, and light flavor.

As such, people do use to refer to this product as the coffee champagne which is purely due to its bright sweetness.

Consumption of this coffee will not at all upset your stomach because of the smooth blend.

This brand has also earned the trust of the customers due to its dedication of providing genuine Kona coffee.

In addition to that, there is no chance of experiencing the smell and taste of any sort of additives.

The demand of the Peaberry coffee Hawaii is quite high in the market. Therefore, you should place the purchasing order without further delay.


  • The unique blend of Peaberry
  • Crisp, sweet, and light flavor
  • Pretty sweet


  • Limited stock
  • Hefty price.

Bottom Line

It is natural to get bored as a result of sipping the conventional blended coffee.

So, acquiring the Peaberry Kona coffee will definitely broaden the smile on your face due to its excellent flavor.


Right now, only handfuls of branded coffee of Kona is available in the market.

Such an observation is mainly based on the personal experience of the author which cannot be ruled out at all.

In case of planning to sip the best coffee brand of Kona, it is time to place the buying order of Kona Coffee without further wastage of time.