Strongest K Cup Coffee

Strongest K Cup Coffee: Seriously Strong Coffee For Your Keurig

Strong coffee is where the action’s at. Sure I can appreciate the coffee from the regular K-cups, but strong coffee is pretty much irreplaceable. Thus, I find myself on the lookout for the strongest K cup coffee. Something that can knock the socks right off to bring a whole new view. I can pretty much imagine myself shouting “more power” like Tim Allen. Hopefully, with better chances at succeeding than Tim’s “Home Improvement” character.

10 High Caffeine K Cups To Try In 2019

  1. Death Wish K Cups
  2. WILD JO: Organic Dark French Roast Single Serve Coffee
  3. AFTERBURNER Coffee Keurig K-Cup Pods
  4. Napalm Coffee, Extra Dark Roast
  5. Green Mountain Double Black Diamond Extra Bold K-Cup Coffee
  6. Coffee People Black Tiger Dark Roast
  7. Valhalla Java Single Serve Coffee Pods for Keurig
  8. Timothy’s World Coffee Rainforest Espresso K-Cup
  9. Wake The Hell Up Coffee, Ultra-Caffeinated Single Serve Capsules For Keurig K-Cup
  10. Café Bustelo Espresso Style K Cup Pods for Keurig Brewers

Before You Buy K Cups check their compatibility with your Keurig coffee machine. Not all K-cups and machines are compatible!

10 Strongest K Cup Coffee Offerings Reviewed

1. Death Wish K Cups


Death Wish Coffee has made its name as one of the strongest coffees available. No wonder that Death Wish K cups figure on this list. The brand claims to be the most potent coffee available. According to the company, their coffee has about four times more caffeine than regular coffee. And I’m pretty sure these claims aren’t far from the truth. Death Wish offers the best high caffeine k cups, where numbers are concerned.

These pods are compatible with Keurig 2.0 Brewers. Death Wish has an abundance of positive reviews for delivering what it promises. Adding to the awesomeness of the “World’s Strongest Coffee” is the fact that it is Fair Trade and USDA Certified Organic. Their risk-free trial offer is good enough to encourage coffee aficionados to try this coffee at least once.

It’s not just the solid caffeine kick that works in its favor. Death Wish is rich and flavorful and makes a delicious cup of coffee.

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2. WILD JO: Organic Dark French Roast Single Serve Coffee

Wild Jo Strong K- Cup Coffee

Wild Jo is another dark roast that impresses with its flavor and strength. The coffee beans are sourced directly from farmers around the world. Only the top 2% of Arabica beans make the cut. These are then given the artisan roast that brings out perfection and taste in the coffee beans.

The carefully selected Arabica beans present some of the storied flavors of these beans. There is a hint of dark cocoa and dark brown sugar in the coffee. Though none of these are artificially added to the roast or the coffee grounds. Where strong, flavorful coffee is concerned, I think faith in Wild Jo is well-deserved.

Another thing to celebrate here is the packaging. Wild as Jo may be, there is a conscious effort towards the environment. The pods are biodegradable and will not add to the heaps of landfills like plastic pods. Jo has organic coffee certification from USDA and is certified Kosher.

Wild Jo pods are compatible with K-cup brewers 1.0 and 2.0. They are, however, not compatible with Keurig Vue and Rivo.

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3. AFTERBURNER Coffee Keurig K-Cup Pods

Revv AFTERBURNER Coffee Keurig K-Cup Pods

Afterburner comes to mind as a stereotypical name one would think for a strong coffee. In this case, the (supposed) stereotype is true and we can all be glad about it. Made with premium coffee beans, this dark roast has a strong caffeine kick to offer.

According to the manufacturer, it is strong, smoky, and rich. I could live without the smoky, but it isn’t that troublesome. Certified Kosher, the Afterburner by Revv is compatible with all Keurig K-Cup pod single-serve coffee makers. It is also very well priced, so feel free to turn on the afterburner!

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4. Napalm Coffee, Extra Dark Roast

Napalm Coffee, Extra Dark Roast

Napalm is another strong K cup coffee that comes with a very strong name. According to the manufacturer, “you’ll love the smell of Napalm coffee in the morning.” This is a dark, full-bodied coffee that will open your eyes wide and give you the caffeine kick you’ve been craving.

Apparently, its extra dark, extra bold, and extra strong. I think there’s too much of an extra here. But yeah, hyperbole aside, it is a fairly delicious cup of coffee. Napalm coffee is compatible with all K-cup brewers, in the Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 series.

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5. Green Mountain Double Black Diamond Extra Bold K-Cup Coffee

If you are looking for a K-cup pod with Keurig’s seal of approval, this could be the one. Green Mountain Double Black Diamond Extra Bold K-Cup Coffee is also listed on the Keurig official website. Its “extra bold” features certainly do make it worthy. 

The robust and extra bold coffee packs a punch that will find appreciation with people who enjoy strong coffee. It is Orthodox Union Kosher certified. In case you needed more encouragement, this coffee is very well priced. I don’t think it would be suitable to call pods cheap, but in the context of K-cup pod pricing, Green Mountain does very well.

This Green Mountain coffee has a dark roast and excellent flavor. Should you find yourself intrigued by this particular brand, it is worth noting that they offer several other flavors as well. It is compatible with virtually all Keurig K-cup machines.

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6. Coffee People Black Tiger Dark Roast

Coffee People Black Tiger Dark Roast

This dark roast, extra bold, caffeinated K-cup is an excellent match of its taste and strength. The earthy blend of the Coffee People Black Tiger Dark Roast is deliciously strong – perhaps a comparison should be made with the strength of the Tiger printed on the label. 

Black Tiger has been a favorite for many people for years now. Although this is one of the cases where you’ll want a smaller brew size. Getting a 10 oz cup might end up diluting your coffee to the point it doesn’t feel strong. Using 6 oz or 8 oz is way better. It’s still great coffee without a doubt, but I could live without that watered-down feel. Oh, and it gets along famously with cream and sugar. 

The coffee is certified orthodox union Kosher. It is priced slightly towards the expensive side, which brings me to question the value on offer. Oh, and if you do love this coffee, consider stocking up. The k-cups offered by Coffee People are on their way out, and stocks will be gone pretty soon. Better yet, get a reusable K-cup, and fill it up with coffee grounds from Coffee People.

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7. Valhalla Java Single Serve Coffee Pods for Keurig

Valhalla Java Single Serve Coffee Pods for Keurig

Valhalla is a medium-dark roast that is rich in caffeine. Since this is a medium-dark roast, the coffee beans keep more of their natural caffeine content as compared to dark roasts. This should risk some bitterness. Fortunately, Valhalla has no such problem. This is strong, delicious coffee without a hint of the bitter taste.

A sibling to the famed Death Wish coffee, the Valhalla Java lives up to the family name. Its specially sourced beans are roasted by the Death Wish company. Following its sibling, the Valhalla claims to have as much as twice as much caffeine in a “regular” pod. Not as strong as the Death Wish coffee, but still pretty strong.

Each pod is made from recyclable plastic, and the coffee is sourced from single-serve brewers. Valhalla is certified for fair trade, and for organically grown coffee. The pods are compatible with most single-serve brewers.

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8. Timothy’s World Coffee Rainforest Espresso K-Cup

Timothys World Coffee Rainforest Espresso K-Cup

Timothy’s World Coffee Rainforest Espresso K-Cup is a dark roast, full-bodied blend that packs strength and flavor. The caffeinated K-cups are certified by Orthodox Union Kosher and the Rainforest Allowance. Some part of that strength comes by virtue of this coffee being “bold”,

Each pod of the Rainforest Espresso K-cup carries 25% more coffee compared to a regular cup. The coffee tastes great, but it is fairly expensive compared to most of the options on this list. It may do well compared to others in terms of strength, but where value is concerned, this k-cup isn’t the best option.

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9. Wake The Hell Up Coffee, Ultra-Caffeinated Single Serve Capsules For Keurig K-Cup

Wake The Hell Up K Cups Coffee Pods

The art of subtlety is lost in the naming of this coffee. And it doesn’t care (nor should it)! The job of Wake The Hell Up Coffee is to deliver a kick that will, well, wake you the hell up. The ultra-caffeinated coffee performs pretty well on those points. 

Wake The Hell Up is a medium-dark roasted coffee, with skilled roasting and excellent management. All pods are compatible with Keurig 1 and 2.0 brewers. The pods are somewhat expensive, so it loses some points in terms of value for money. When we talk of value, the larger availability of items is worth considering. Walmart carries a fairly good selection of K-cups, and they are worth browsing.

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10. Café Bustelo Espresso Style K Cup Pods for Keurig Brewers

Cafe Bustello K Cup Coffee Pods

Café Bustelo dark roast coffee comes with a lovely aroma, great taste, and a strong kick to kickstart the day! The coffee has an intense, full-bodied flavor that it retains even when paired with cream and sugar. 

These Keurig K-cup pods are priced towards the higher side. Thankfully, they are wonderful in taste. Café Bustelo is compatible with all Keurig K-cup coffee brewing machines. If the pod form doesn’t work for you, the Café Bustelo is also available in several other forms. These include a brick and several sizes of packaged conventional ground coffee.

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Quick Tips To Getting The Strongest Coffee From K-Cups

Get K Cups With Most Caffeine

Duh! Get the strongest K-cups to get the strongest coffee. Some of the K-cups listed here are high in caffeine, which should play a big role in knocking those socks right off. However, jumping to K cups with most caffeine, know that moderation is a virtue. Also, be sure that your health permits high-caffeine beverages.

Adjust Temperature To Highest On Your Keurig

The right water temperature for optimal coffee extraction is 195°F to 205°F. Most Keurigs do not go to this temperature. However, if you are using a Keurig 2.0, or some other model/series that allows you to customize water temperature, now’s your time to shine! I suggest going as high as possible to reach the aforementioned temperature range.

Preheat The Keurig

When I say preheat, I mean let your machine brew a cup. You don’t have to use a coffee pod, simply let the machine run to one clear, hot cup of water. This warms up the heater and you get a slightly stronger brew. As a positive side effect, your cup too will have been warmed by the water. So when the coffee falls into the empty but warm cup, it won’t lose its temperature.

Use Less Coffee Volume

The initial few ounces of coffee are decidedly stronger than the last couple of ounces pouring into the cup. Stop those ounces from watering down the cup! Remove the cup as the last two ounces fall, and there is a possibility of a stronger brew. I usually replace my cup with an empty one for the last few ounces. Mostly because I don’t fancy cleaning the drip tray after each cup of coffee.

Get Reusable K Cups

If pods aren’t doing the trick, get the best reusable K cups in the market to do the job. Fresh ground coffee beans of your choice ought to fare better at brewing a mean, strong cup of coffee.

Strongest High Caffeine K Cup FAQs

How much caffeine is in a Death Wish K cup?

There are about 58 milligrams of caffeine per ounce in a Death Wish K-cup. That’s a whopping 464mg caffeine in a standard 8 oz cup of coffee. Death Wish claims its coffee is about four times more potent than “regular” coffee.

What is the strongest Keurig coffee?

Amongst the K-cups listed on the Keurig website, the Green Mountain Double Black Diamond Extra Bold K-Cup is the strongest. This dark roast coffee has a high caffeine K cup and is great if you want a kick. 

What is the strongest coffee?

Death Wish Coffee is the strongest available coffee. The company claims that its coffee is four times more potent than regular coffee available on the market.

What is the best K cup coffee?

Green Mountain Double Black Diamond Extra Bold K-Cup is the best K-cup coffee available. Those looking for more variety should give Tully’s Italian Roast a chance.

How much coffee do you put in a K cup?

An average K cup has 9 to 12 grams of coffee. Lighter roasts usually have 9-10 grams, while dark roast K cups have 12 grams. Some dark roasts go even higher and include about 14 grams of coffee.

Does Café Bustelo have more caffeine?

Café Bustelo has about 14 mg of caffeine per ounce. That’s a fairly conventional amount for a coffee to have. Though the authentic, full-bodied espresso made from Café Bustelo seems pretty strong and is delicious.

Strongest K Cup Coffee To Kickstart Your Day

A strong cup of coffee gives an excellent start to a day. But it’s not just the start, for a lot of us, the strong cup is what feels right and satisfying. The average K cup can be pretty bland in terms of strength. So it is only natural that we look at the strongest K cup coffee available for more satisfactory coffee and beverages. And hell, yeah, the caffeine kick! Remember not to hop up on too much caffeine!